Ranking of Projects related to  the Bank – 2001

(november, 2001.)

The aim was to elaborate and to introduce  a multiattribute decision making method to support a clear-cut ranking of development projects at the bank.

The clear-cut ranking of projects inferred by the project-management system being launched is a multiattribute group decision problem, having no uniform, general solving method. Major difficulties are as follows:

  • the decision problems are complex, though each step is easy to solve;
  • attributes contradicting each other may occur;
  • the steps when the subjective attributes must be taken into consideration and also their extent must be determined in the decision model, e.g., the separation of subjective and objective attributes. 
Tasks to be done were as follows:
I. Built of the decision model;
II. Elaboration of the solving procedure for the decision model. 
The steps of the solving procedure:
  1. individual decision making 
  2. group decision making 
  3. sensitivity analysis of the ranking depending on the decision parameters
  4. support for planning and  introduction of the software system 

III. The demonstration of the operation of the proposed methodology on to examples provided by the bank.
IV. The present and proposed methodology had to be compared and evaluated.
V. A proposal was requested regarding the software support of the decision model, with emphasis on the applicalibility of a software available on the market.

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